The Number Three

I have recently started a photo blog using Word Press and find that the particular way it is working suits my purposes. It is a nice interface. However, as I started out with Blogger, I have returned. This photo blog  is based on the idea of Three Beautiful Things. Three Beautiful Things is a blog started by Clare Law, which has many followers and which has also influenced many people to do their own version of "TBT."
Joe Hyam's Best of Now  also is structured in a three-elements-for-each-post pattern. I therefore owe my structure of three photographs per post to these exemplars.
It has been well said that four is too much and two is not enough. Of course we are not talking sugars in tea.
Three does seem a magic number when it comes to presenting objects to read or look at though, and I do like the way a small version of the picture appears near the middle of the page and then gets bigger when you click on it, as it creates a moment of suspension followed by a decision on the part of the viewer to click in this way.

Here are the links to Three Beautiful Things and Best of Now, and here also is the link to my Word Press blog:

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