Please Develop!

Dear Readers of The Art of Aiming,

Photography is for some an art, for others a way of recording reality, for still others a way of telling a story.
I hope that these frames will be enjoyed by people who share my interest in photography, which I think of as The Aiming Art. Cartier Bresson saw a parallel between the shooting arcades in fairgrounds and the poised swooping in of the photographic act. (Although he was also a waiter and not so much of a hunter.) Most significantly when he took photos he referred to the "bang" of the shutter not its click! I would add that just as in the shooting arcade there should be no victims or fatalities, there should be none in photography, not even the shadows of victims. I practise Courtesy at all times and ask where it seems appropriate. I take photos overtly and discretely, never covertly. In answer to the question, "Why are you taking photographs" my answer would be ",,,not for any reason." While I do not class myself as yet an aiming artist, I would like to quote the brilliant singer and writer of songs Elvis Costello. "My aim is true....."
The pictures you see when you open this blog are quite small, like a contact sheet almost. If you see one you like, please click on it to see it larger. Think of yourself as a developer. From the sound of a shutter to the click of a mouse.......
Thanks to those who are in my photographs and do not know they are, and thanks to those who do know and do not mind.

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