The Art of Aiming is about how making or taking a picture nonetheless requires the need to take aim. Henri Cartier Bresson regarded himself as a shooter of pictures, and he took his inspiration from the rifle ranges in fairgrounds. His incredible skill in swiftly and artistically framing and composing his pictures sets him as an all time photographic hero, of mine and of millions of others. Less well known is the recently discovered Vivian Maier whose anonymous life as a photographer has now born fruit in several publications.
I taking my camera out with an open mind, never know who or what will come up. If I can ask without ruining the spontaneity of the moment I will ask the subject first. Yet frequently I just take pictures in a well meaning way conscious that I am perhaps slightly invading someone's space in a non-aggressive way. It is essential to be aware of the great virtues courtesy and respect  The law says it is no crime to take pictures of people in public places, as long as there is no harassment involved. This a reassuring though to fall back on, yet my prime attention is focussed not only on my subject but also on not causing any offence to such a subject.
My posts will contain three photos at a time, and may have titles yet virtually no text. I hope that other practitioners and appreciators of the Aiming Art will derive some enjoyment from this. It is my intention for there to be some relationship or theme to each post, so that each of the pictures in the trio relate to the others.
The French word for a street photographer is "Photostoppeur". I like that. J'aime ceca!

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